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iPXE ignoring DHCP ACKs
2011-05-16, 15:58
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RE: iPXE ignoring DHCP ACKs
(2011-05-16 13:20)robinsmidsrod Wrote:  The default DHCP timeout is 10 seconds. You can change it in src/include/ipxe/dhcp.h, line 613 and recompile.

Thanks for the response. I got the machine to complete a DHCP exchange by directly connecting it to the DHCP server. This can't be my end configuration though. I don't think the 10 seconds for the complete DHCP exchange is the issue. My current thought about why I'm having trouble is that the DHCPDISCOVER is timing out and retrying before the DHCPOFFER from the server has a chance to get there. So the offer always comes too late. I have no idea how to change how long the client waits for an offer before timing out and resending in a Linux distro, let alone in iPXE.

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