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Embedded script forgets the boot interface
2020-07-24, 10:30
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Embedded script forgets the boot interface
Hello, I'm using ipxe to boot physical servers that have plenty of network interfaces, using the chainload method.

First I built ipxe for efi-x86_64 without embedded script.
I'm booting the physical server on the appropriate nic, then it downloads ipxe binary from the tftp server, then the ipxe initialize the appropriate nic (in my case it's "net8") and then everything works as expected.

Then, I re-built ipxe but with an embedded ipxe script.
For testing purposes, the embedded script contains only 2 lines: "#!ipxe" and "autoboot".
When I'm booting the server, ipxe is loaded and the embedded script is run, but "autoboot" command tries all nic in order, starting from "net0", so it takes a lot of time to reach "net8".

"net8" is just an example, it may vary depending on the physical server, so I don't want to hardcode the "net8" name in the embedded script.

I didn't find any way to get the nic that was used to load ipxe when using embedded script. I believe the information exists because it works out of the box when I am not using embedded script.

Please, do you have any clue to help me ?
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