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Exception during the UEFI preboot environment
2020-08-20, 17:03
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Exception during the UEFI preboot environment
When booting with iPXE I get the a fatal BIOS/UEFI error 'Exception during the UEFI preboot environment' as I'm about to install an OS

The iPXE efi is being booted directly from the network card via UEFI pxe boot.
It was built from
with a small embeded script that does the following
PHP Code:

prompt --key 0x02 --timeout 2000 Press Ctrl-for the iPXE command line... && shell ||
"iPXE Loaded.. running embedded script"
echo "Displaying interfaces.."
echo "Running dhcp on all interfaces to find first available"
echo "DNS: ${dns}"
echo "DHCP complete chaining from the Gateway IP (DHCP Option 3) default.ipxe"
chain --autofree http://${3}/ipxe/default.ipxe?mac=${net0/mac}
chain --autofree http://${3}/ipxe/${net0/mac}.ipxe
chain --autofree http://${3}/ipxe/dynamic.ipxe?mac=${net0/mac}
echo "iPXE script complete" 

Then it loads the default.ipxe on the gateway with the following
PHP Code:
echo "hello world"
chain --autofree 

Here is a screenshot of the final error

Here is a link to a video showing exactly what is happening.
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