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HP laptop hanging at iPXE initialising devices...
2012-08-26, 06:08
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RE: HP laptop hanging at iPXE initialising devices...
Hi everyone just closing this thread, sorry for late reply.

(2012-03-21 08:55)jpwise Wrote:  ndogmail - if you're not in the position to try bisect'ing the git commits i might be able to try it if we get another G42 through the repair workshop - do you know the specific machine p/n of it, i'll check what other models used the same mainboard.

Nowdays iPXE is compiling properly for the HP G42, thanks for the fix.

(2012-03-21 08:55)jpwise Wrote:  that said and slightly de-railing your original request - can you clarify on how you're ipxe booting the macbooks & macbook pros? are you dhcp/bdsp(netboot)'ing them or using a compiled iso on cd/dvd and using that to bootstrap them onto the pxe network? it's a problem i've been looking at periodically aswell and even attempting to do an efi version i still couldn't work around all the issues short of falling back on throwing a cd in to boot. :/

At the moment I am booting using the CD boot + iPXE. At some stage will try recompiling the EFI version of iPXE so I can boot from USB pen. It is slightly not needed anymore, since my original purpose was to boot clonezillla and push an image to a SMB share, since this is all possible from grub within the EFI grub.cfg file. But it would be cool to boot iPXE different ways, either USB pen or netboot method.
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