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request compiled efi binaries
2012-03-28, 07:24
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RE: request compiled efi binaries
I'd definitely be interested in hearing how you go with it. The last time I looked at it some of the initial hurdles were getting the boot loader to recognise it.
If you rename/copy the file to usb as:
/efi/boot/bootx86.efi - for 32bit
/efi/boot/bootia64.efi - for 64bit

The system should recognise the thumbdisk as a boot option, but I wasn't successful in actually getting it to execute the binary correctly. Also depending on the macs it could be either 32bit or 64bit based. I had better success with getting it to load a grub2 efi binary, but couldn't get it to bootstrap into the iPXE afterwards - from memory it reported zImage not supported for the binary. Also the Mac binaries are apparently universal binaries with 32bit & 64bit combined into one file.

It's been a couple of months since i had a decent crack at it, but it's something I'd like to resolve eventually. From memory I also recall having some issues with keyboard/mouse support after the initial iPXE load since i use a syslinux menu/memdisk method rather than direct load to clonezilla etc.

Once you get past compiling the binaries i'd be happy to colaborate on it time providing to see if it's doable.

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