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iscsi boot/install fails
2012-04-12, 18:46
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RE: iscsi boot/install fails
I see, that way i did not think of.... But how can i check more detailed?
From my viewpoint everything should be alright. The windows setup actually starts and runs from a network drive. Also the working installed Windows did not have any updates.

Before i read somewhere about UNDI driver ipxe used, which was somehow generic (correct me if wrong). Does it differ from a real driver (in my case rtl8111) which could be loaded?If so, how may i check which driver is loaded?

(2012-04-12 08:23)robinsmidsrod Wrote:  This message is quite vital: "iSCSI deployment is disabled since no NICs referenced in the iBFT can be resolved to actual NT-visible devices."

It most likely means that the driver for the NIC referenced in the iBFT is either not installed, or not set to start at boot. This might've happened through a Windows Update or some other method that (mistakenly) overwrote the older driver and didn't update the registry properly (with the on-boot-start parameter).
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