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iscsi boot/install fails
2012-06-03, 15:41
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RE: iscsi boot/install fails

quite late reply, but have been busy with some exams, sorry for that.

(2012-04-21 07:34)robinsmidsrod Wrote:  Is THAT the device you're actually network booting from? Is this the correct driver for your system?

After you've started your WinPE (from the network) you can type Shift-F10 to get into a rescue shell. What does ipconfig /all tell you? Has it successfully acquired a DHCP lease?

If this is not the case, I think you need to revisit your WinPE image and how you integrated the driver for your network device into it.

My Windows PE actually starts with a rescue shell with an autostart script.
It includes:
iscsicli Qaddtargetportal %host%
iscsicli ListTargets
iscsicli qlogintarget
iscsicli PersistentLoginTarget %target% T * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 0
iscsicli listpersistenttargets
iscsicli reporttargetmappings
%host% and %target% are variables declared in the script, pointing to the Server with IP-Adress and the Target-iqn.

From Start:
ipxe itself will get the IP via DHCP, fixed to the MAC-Adress of the Network card (there is only one onboard network card). Some options like theroot-path are coming along with the DCHP OFFER.
Now iPXE will load the Windows PE-Image and it starts.
When Windows PE boots it also will get the IP-Adress via DHCP, and of course it is the same. (, since it is still fixed to the MAC.

The Windows PE Image does not contain the Setup or anything related. This is on a networkshare hosted via SMB on the Server (Same like the Target).
net use p: \\%host%\%share%
After this the Setup is started via:

So at least the network is working fine. I think I did not mention before that my setup.exe is starting from the network.

"ipconfig /all" says I still have same MAC and the same IP like in iPXE-config.

I dont know why Windows is now unable to install to the network-target.
Once it worked, but as mentioned even that install does not want to boot anymore (bluescreen + reboot).
Basically I think the winPE should be correct.

My iPXE has this script:
set user-class iPXE
set keep-san 1
dhcp net0
sanhook ${root-path}
chain installer/windows/win7-U/pxeboot.0

Hope this gives more clues Smile
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