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Win10 2004: Inaccessible boot device after sysprep/clone to different hardware
2020-09-22, 18:17
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Win10 2004: Inaccessible boot device after sysprep/clone to different hardware
I am able to successfully install Win10 2004 using adapted media (updates slipstreamed, pagefile disabled, etc.) to an iSCSI LUN without incident and subsequently run it. However, after using sysprep to generalize the image, I cannot clone it to a new LUN and boot it on different hardware; the result is always an "inaccessible boot device" stop error. The sysprep'd image will boot and go through the expected configuration process and continue to run normally if started on the same hardware where it was created though.

There has been some chatter about seemingly related concerns in a variety of locations. For example:

Most of this appears to refer to Win2008R2 (and thus presumably Win7 with a comparable set of updates) and is quite old. I have not found much to suggest that this is still a concern in Win10, and moreover, the technique suggested to disable the NDIS lightweight filter (WFPLWFS) does not appear to have any effect. Interestingly, I was able to use a similar workflow on Windows 7 back in 2018 (install to iSCSI LUN from media with updates and customizations, generalize with sysprep, and clone LUN to different hardware) without issue.

The systems in question are all running in BIOS mode, and I am using a new version of iPXE that I compiled earlier this month from the master branch on GitHub (2020/09/10). Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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