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Odd problem with HPE smart array and sanboot
2021-03-14, 13:48 (This post was last modified: 2021-03-14 13:52 by MultimediaMan.)
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RE: Odd problem with HPE smart array and sanboot
Sanboot to local disk (e.g. "sanboot --no-describe --drive 0x80") is not a supported feature, and this has been repeatedly mentioned and stressed for at least five (5) years. It works with some PCBIOS implementations, true, but not all. It doesn't surprise me at all that it doesn't work with the complex HP BIOS and HP Peripherals.

My recommendation is to avoid using the sanboot to try to "enforce" a local boot and instead use the (old and somewhat ponderous) HP BIOS tweak tool or through the HP IPMI tool as part of your build process: The tools for the HP G6 and G7 pre-date RedFish implementations, but they do exist. Since you have blade servers, you can also access these features from the C3000/C7000 Blade Server Management Engine CLI using SSH scripts.

I need to warn you: HP's G6 and G7 BIOS and ILO2/3 Firmware have been out of HP's quarterly software/firmware maintenance releases for several years, and will have several serious vulnerabilities which are difficult to to mitigate without removing basic functionality.

Good Luck,


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