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WDS and UEFI Boot
2020-09-29, 23:42
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WDS and UEFI Boot
Hello all,

I'm new to the forum, but have been using iPXE in my lab for a while for a gambit of things.

I just ran into something that is fairly strange and hoping you guys have seen this before or can point me in the right direction.

I am using WDS/DHCP servers to deploy some new HP laptops.

Seems I can do one at a time, but when I try to do a second one simultaneously, I'm getting the following:

Registered SAN Device 0x80
Booting from SAN Device 0x80

And then it hangs and eventually goes back to the BIOS boot menu.

In the ipxe menu file, I have the following:

sanboot http://x.y.z.a/wds.iso

Loading into the iPXE menu is fine, just hanges after making the selection.

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance.
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2020-10-02, 21:34
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RE: WDS and UEFI Boot
set        wdsserver:ipv4
set        netX/next-server    ${wds-server}
chain tftp://${wds-server}/Boot\x64\wdsmgfw.efi

iPXE can't boot ISO's in UEFI yet. The above script will boot you to your WDS server from a menu entry though.
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2020-10-02, 23:26
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RE: WDS and UEFI Boot
Thanks for the info. I think the problem really is with the Intel 1219-LM NICs in these HP ZBook 15u G6 Mobile Workstation laptops. When two are plugged into the NetGear GS105NA switch, only one will work. The 2nd one shows up with those errors mentioned above. If I start the entire thing over and use a USB NIC on the 2nd laptop, both work 100% all the way through the install process.

I've also verified full functionality of the PXE process on my Cisco 2960 FastEthernet 48-port switch with portfast enabled with 5 laptops installing simultaneously, so my environment seems to be ok. Unfortunately, I don't have a larger gigabit switch in my lab.
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