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exit vs exit 1
2021-05-07, 17:49 (This post was last modified: 2021-05-07 17:52 by scratchy.)
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exit vs exit 1

using iPXE for automated server installs on a EFI Qemu-KVM.

My boot using EFI order:
- iPXE (cdrom)

iPXE is chainloading information from an external service.

If the system should rebuild its executing needed steps and ends up in installing an EFI compatible OS on the disk.
In case of a "normal boot" it should exit and just boot the OS from the disk.

This whole setup just works fine. But im running into a weird problem, which i dont understand.

using following script (for skipping the install process):

exit 1

Just makes iPXE exit with an error. After this error qemu / kvm just goes on and boots the given OS.
If executing a clean exit "exit 0", im just ending up in the bootmanager of qemu instead that ipxe goes on with the next boot device..

Any idea why, and how to solve it? Currently im using the exit 1 workaround to "crash ipxe" and boot my systems disks. Which just shows an error message during boot which i would like to avoid..
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