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Has anyone used iPXE to boot off Android?
2016-07-05, 11:56
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RE: Has anyone used iPXE to boot off Android?
1. open-iscsi is partitioned into user and kernel parts,
My Moto G (XT1032) kernel source code includes the kernel part of open-iscsi, and I can successfully select "iSCSI Initiator over TCP/IP" (under "SCSI low-level drivers" during "menuconfig") and successfully build the open-iscsi kernel modules.
it's only the user-mode part that can't be built for Android as-is.

2. Network booting Android is an entirely different story:
Android devices do not have a PXE stack, they have a PBL (primary boot loader, stored in the device ROM) that loads a secondary bootloader from the eMMC which usually loads a third bootloader (ABOOT, which also includes the "fastboot" interface) which then loads the Android kernel (either from the eMMC or from a connected PC using the fastboot interface).

So realistically, you'll only be able to serve the "system" and "data" partitions from an iSCSI target, and it requires building a custom kernel.
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