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0x7B when iSCSI booting on alternate hardware
2012-09-10, 06:32
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0x7B when iSCSI booting on alternate hardware
I've built a Win7 machine that's stored on an iSCSI share. I'm using a chain-loaded iPXE rom to mount the share and boot from it. I did the install using a VMWare VM with and emulated Intel Pro 1000 NIC.

I'd like to be able to boot this same image on alternate hardware and NIC's. My thinking was that I'd simply have to add drivers for the alternate NIC's into the image so that Windows can find and connect to the iSCSI share in the second half of the boot phase. I've added drivers using pnputil -i -a _.inf for the network cards I want to support from the VM when it was booted to the iSCSI share.

When attempting to boot on 3 different machines, all with NIC's that match the drivers I added, Windows only boots half-way and then throws the 0x7B bluescreen. The animated Windows logo is still glowing until the bluescreen, so that leads me to believe iPXE itself is working with the other cards just fine. It appears to be the problem that Windows itself either can't find the new network card, can't install a driver for it, or can't use it to connect to the iSCSI share itself.

Does anyone know what trickery I might have to do to Windows to get this to work? Let me know if anyone needs more info.

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