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0x7B when iSCSI booting on alternate hardware
2012-09-14, 15:59
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RE: 0x7B when iSCSI booting on alternate hardware
In the time it took for my first post to be approved, I actually already solved this. The network card driver needs to be listed in the critical device database section of the registry. Just installing the driver isn't enough for Windows, apparently. The correct entries in criticaldevices makes Windows load the driver before it starts the second phase of bootup. If the driver is loaded then, Windows switches from using the iPXE provided disk to its own initiator connected to the same disk. If the driver isn't loaded, no PnP process can run to find a driver...and the system bluescreens.

I didn't need to set any driver service to boot-start, as Windows just didn't need that. Win7 and Server 2008 R2 require the wfd (I think that was the name) driver unbound from any iSCSI boot adapter. That's very difficult to do in an offline mode, so I ended up just disabling that service entirely. So the steps are:

1) Install the driver for the new NIC
2) Add the relevant entries to the cddb in the registry so that driver loads on boot
3) Disable the wfd service

Do all of that, and you've got it made.
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