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wimboot from SYSLINUX menu?
2012-11-02, 01:22
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RE: wimboot from SYSLINUX menu?
Good News on this front!
Thanks to Shao Miller (sha0 on IRC), there were patches to both Wimboot and Syslinux to get this to work, and it does work well.

First, make sure you grab the latest Wimboot (Version 1.0.2).
If you are running Syslinux 4.06, there are patches here: and you will also need to do this: (fixes a typo in the patch).

With the patches, your menu option should look something like:
LABEL wimbootpe
    menu label ^2 Wimboot Ghost PE via Syslinux
    com32 linux.c32
    append wimboot initrdfile=winpe/bootmgr.exe,winpe/BCD,winpe/boot.sdi,winpe/boot.wim

With this, I have wimboot working through a vesamenu at my work.
Some notes, if you don't feel like using that version of Syslinux, or applying the patches, you will have to create a cpio archive yourself of the files, then reference that file as the initrd, but it _should_ work.

Once the patches get accepted into Syslinux (probably in the 5.00 branch), there will be documentation created for this, but for now we were holding off, since it's not in the offical tree yet.
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