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wimboot & winpe - assorted questions
2012-10-05, 13:09
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RE: wimboot & winpe - assorted questions
(2012-10-05 12:44)jpwise Wrote:  Firstly - can you think of any methods to achieve a similar use case using an ipxe booted winpe image?

Modifying a .wim image is fairly painless if you use the Linux version of imagex (available as part of wimlib). On Windows, mounting and unmounting images seems to take a substantial amount of time; on Linux it's almost instantaneous.

Quote:Other ideas outside the immediate scope of the issue include if there's any way to pass variables to the winpe environment during boot. One thought is to embed a selection of batch files into various indexes within the wim file, but as far as i can tell wimboot doesn't support index selection as yet.

Try modifying the byte at offset 0x78 within the .wim file, which I think holds the boot index value.

If this works, then it would be viable to add support for wimboot modifying the boot index in response to a command-line parameter.

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