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Probably a really stupid question?
2011-09-25, 20:40
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Probably a really stupid question?
I'm interested in using iPXE in a very specific way and read through much of the site and documentation but can't find the answer to my question.

I want to plug in a USB key, boot from it, and SPECIFY a DHCP server to attach to.

The reason for this is my network has subnets where PXE is configured on the network side. I have setup many DHCP Proxy servers and want to attach to them directly rather than the main DHCP server thus avoiding the network configured PXE settings.

Is that possible?
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2012-09-28, 09:15
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RE: Probably a really stupid question?
This is fairly easily resolved. You need to create a script that runs dhcp to get a network lease and then continues the boot process on its own instead of booting the DHCP-specified root-path/filename. An EMBEDDED script something like this should work:

chain http://some.server/my_actual_ipxe_boot_script.ipxe

I don't think it's possible to ask the iPXE DHCP client to communicate directly with a specific DHCP server, but if you want choices instead of just a hardcoded chain command, you can use login/prompt/menu commands to interact with the user.
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