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[SOLVED] : iPXE and WDS Config
2012-11-09, 15:09 (This post was last modified: 2012-11-09 15:27 by Alphakarem.)
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RE: iPXE and WDS Config
(2012-11-09 04:31)Sedorox Wrote:  For what it's worth, if it's what you are trying to do, you can have iPXE boot directly to a WDS server, that is not the TFTP server. Here is the code I've used successfully (as a iPXE script):
set wdsserver:ipv4
set net0/next-server ${wdsserver}
chain tftp://${wdsserver}/
Notice that the TFTP path uses the windows directory delimiter, \... so with iPXE, this is done as hex. I found this out via a screenshot from .

Sedorox and Sha0 ... Thank you very much for this code !! this is EXACTLY what I needed to do, it even allows me to go to instead of the regular once I change the boot loader on the WDS ! however the download speed is EXTREMELY slow on a 1GB network ... any ideas on why is this behavior ?
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