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[SOLVED] : iPXE and WDS Config
2013-06-03, 13:55
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RE: [SOLVED] : iPXE and WDS Config
I am seeing the exact same situation with WDS grinding to a halt when booting from iPXE.

I have tried the suggestions from this thread and only the \\ rather than %5C options seems to make any difference.

I cannot see how the same machine on the same cable with the same IP etc can perform differently. The only thing that I can think of is that iPXE is changing the networking some howso it is behaving differently when handed over to the WDS server.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?



(2013-02-18 15:53)Nicola V Wrote:  Hi everyone,
we solved it as well, yet in a very unexpected way:
Instead of using this command:

"chain tftp://${wdsserver}/"

We used this one, escaping the backslashes in the path:

"chain tftp://${wdsserver}/Boot\\x86\\"
After this correction the tftp download started to perform optimally. Don't ask me why this would be related, but it was perfectly reproducible on our side.

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