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iPXE noob - Windows Server 2012
2013-02-13, 20:49
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iPXE noob - Windows Server 2012

I really new to iPXE. I have been reading a lot about it on the site though, and if I can get it working, I expect it will be extremely useful to me. While I wait for the networking team to finish putting in switches, and setting up firewalls, I am trying to get iPXE working so when those things are done I can just go.

I was hoping I could run my logic of how the setup works past someone, just to see if I have everything setup properly. I cannot test what I have setup until the network is in place unfortunately.

So from a client machine on first boot, it runs through what you are calling legacy PXE. During this process the DHCP server points PXE to this undionly.kpxe file that is in the tftp directory. (Do I need to put the rest of the ipxe files into this directory as well?).
This file allows the system to iPXE. So the system then "boots" (for lack of a better term) through iPXE, where it is then pointed to a menu or winpe, or something similar to handle whatever process is necessary.

Also, Windows Server 2012 is a little different as far as the DHCP configuration goes, you can specify a user class, but you can't specify custom settings in the user class. I used a policy that references the user class instead.

If someone can please let me know if I am thinking of this correctly or not, I would really appreciate it.

Thank You.
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