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iPXE noob - Windows Server 2012
2013-02-17, 05:24
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RE: iPXE noob - Windows Server 2012
You really don't need much in the way of custom settings. However, depending on your environment, you might need to do some other advance work.

Custom DHCP User Class Options are not required if you have a compile environment and embed a script into iPXE which essentialy can do the same thing (and a good deal more) without the hassle of creating a custom DHCP User Class. For an example of this, check out the following posts here and here.

If you are hosting the environment from Server 2012, consider:

Which DHCP server will be using?

You will need to enable DHCP Option 66 (TFTP Server) and Option 67 (Boot File). DHCP Option 175 is not really required unless you really want to do it. Setting it up in a Windows DHCP server is moderately difficult (You need a hex editor).

Which TFTP server will you be using?

As plindbe2 mentioned, the only file in the TFTP server directory need be undionly.kpxe. I am not sure if Server 2012 has the option for a TFTP server. In my experience Microsoft TFTP servers are the absolute worst as far as security is concerned. On top of that, there are a bewildering number of them.

Which WebServer will you be using?

If you are using IIS, you need to set the MIME types to allow pretty much all files in the directories used by the iPXE client.
The specific Option Directives need to be checked:


These options must be enabled for ISO and WIM booting. (I haven't bothered to look in Server 2012 IIS to see if they are.)

Are you booting a Baremetal Computer to iSCSI from iPXE?

A question whih needs answered right away is this: does your Baremetal Computer require drivers which Server 2012 does not natively have? If the answer is yes, you will have to download the ADK and create a boot/setup WIM which does have the drivers enabled.

Are you also going to attempt an installation over the network?

Get and download wimboot.

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