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Problem with iSCSI and WDS (Solved with DHCP route for iPXE User Class)
2013-02-27, 19:23
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RE: Problem with iSCSI and WDS
To remove the possibility of the NIC driver I had added to WDS being the cause of any problems, I removed the boot image from WDS, and added a pristine 2008r2 SP1 boot.wim into WDS.

I then tested on 2008r2 hyper-v, and with WDS exactly the same results as with the Toshiba, the same error message and two IP addresses...

With wimboot I get much further, but although I can see the iSCSI connection, and capture the traffic in Wireshark, the installer can't see the disk...

hopefully these attachments will let somebody smarter than me tell me whats going wrong with wimboot

pcap showing the iSCSI traffic
.zip (Size: 3.68 KB / Downloads: 0)
syslog output from ipxe
.zip (Size: 1.33 KB / Downloads: 0)
setupact log
.zip (Size: 4.72 KB / Downloads: 1)

If I get the time tomorrow, I'll have another go with WDS and see if I can capture the traffic that leads to two IP addresses
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