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winpe hangs with sanhook
2013-03-30, 07:09
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RE: winpe hangs with sanhook
WinPE operates at 1Gb speed if I don't hook the iSCSI volume.
There is no limit on number of sessions on the target, it limits only 1 connection per session. Wth keep-san option the sessions are kept until the target is restarted, so when I restored the windows 7 image on this iSCSI volume, I could boot windows 7 from iSCSI with old sessions being still active.
So it looks like the problem is inside WinPE. Maybe it's Broadcom network adapter and Windows iSCSI, because when I made WinPE image with integrated iSCSI support and booted it (without hooking), I got no network in WinPE.
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