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wimboot and IIS
2013-04-08, 01:36
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RE: wimboot and IIS
(2013-04-02 13:38)steve6375 Wrote:  Hi
I apologise if this has already been covered but..

I have ipxe.iso on a USB drive which I can boot to and then hit ctrl.b to get to the console. I then want to boot a wim file using wimboot from my Win7 64-bit system with IIS 7.5. I am using a domestic ADSL router for DHCP.

The problem is that whether I use boot.ipxe (do I use a boot command or a chain command?) or type the commands from boot.ipxe in manually, nothing seems to happen after the boot command. I have tried a VM and a real system.

The documentation seems lacking in this respect - it says at
Quote:Boot using iPXE from the URL of your iPXE script, e.g. http://my.web.server/win7/boot.ipxe. You should see iPXE download your Windows boot files via HTTP and boot into the Windows installer:
But no clue as to how to boot or what commands to use???
any help appreciated.
I think it may be a combination of what Robin mentioned, where the my.web.server, is actually just a placeholder for your real web server (probably on, from what it seems like via your screencapture).
Could also be that the permissions of the files on the webserver are off too, not allowing the download.

I do know, from the screenshot you attached, it isn't grabbing the right files.
Here is a screenshot of loading it on my server (note I did have a misstype in the middle), but you can see the proper size of things (granted, boot.wim will vary).
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