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iPXE to redirect boot to another PXE server
2013-04-15, 16:31
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RE: iPXE to redirect boot to another PXE server
(2013-04-15 16:18)Kirioss Wrote:  pxebs net0 does not meet usage, I tried
pxebs net0 3840 but I receive a 0x1c106002 error

My fault; the PXE boot server list (option 43.8) is not simply an array of IPv4 addresses. You'll need something like this:

# Set boot server type
set pxebs_type:uint8 42  # or whatever value you want for the type
# Set PXE boot server IP address
set pxebs_ip:ipv4
# Construct PXE boot server list
set 43.8:hex ${pxebs_type:hex}:00:01:${pxebs_ip:hex}
# Set PXE boot server discovery control: no broadcast, no multicast, no unknown servers
set 43.6:uint8 7
# Perform PXE boot server discovery
pxebs net0 ${pxebs_type}

This assumes that your ${pxebs_type} is in the range 0-255. If you go over this range, you'll need to handle the fact that it gets encoded into option 43.8 as a little-endian 16-bit quantity (which can't directly be expressed within the iPXE scripting language).

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