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iPXE to redirect boot to another PXE server
2013-04-15, 18:45 (This post was last modified: 2013-04-15 18:45 by mcb30.)
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RE: iPXE to redirect boot to another PXE server
(2013-04-15 18:13)Kirioss Wrote:  I think the pxebs type is 3840... not lucky :-(

It's not a huge problem: you just need to be aware of it. You could construct the entire option 43.8 manually if you prefer:

set 43.8:hex 00:0f:02:0a:01:02:03:0a:01:02:04
set 43.6:uint8 7
pxebs net0 3840

The more complex example I gave previously is designed to make it easier to edit in future if you need to e.g. change the server IP addresses. To produce the same end result for options 43.8 and 43.6, you could use:

# Boot server type = 0x0f00 = 3840
set pxebs_low:uint8 0x00
set pxebs_high:uint8 0x0f
# Boot server 1 IP address
set pxebs_ip1:ipv4
set pxebs_ip2:ipv4
# Calculate boot server type
set pxebs_type:hex ${pxebs_high:hex}:${pxebs_low:hex}
# Construct PXE boot server list
set 43.8:hex ${pxebs_low:hex}:${pxebs_high:hex}:02:${pxebs_ip1:hex}:${pxebs_ip2:hex}
# Set PXE boot server discovery control: no broadcast, no multicast, no unknown servers
set 43.6:uint8 7
# Perform PXE boot server discovery
pxebs net0 ${pxebs_type:uint16}

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