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iscsi boot to netapp
2013-04-03, 19:37
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RE: iscsi boot to netapp
Thank you for responding.

I've read through the URL and several posts of people trying to do similar things (ref

It appears as though everything is set up properly on the netapp and I've transcribed the output of some netapp commands below. We do not use authentication, nor do we use "iscsi interface accesslists".

igroup show
test18 (iSCSI) (ostype: linux): (not logged in)

lun show
LUN Path Mapped to LUN ID Protocol
/vol/luns/test18_lun test18 18 iSCSI

iscsi nodename
iSCSI target nodename:

What really puzzles me is that it works when booting using the open-iscsi capable nic, which appear to me as having the exact same settings as what I'm using in iPXE.

I'll see if I can get a packet capture to get some more insight as to what's going on, but any additional pointers would be greatly appreciated.
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