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iscsi boot to netapp
2013-04-04, 16:36
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RE: iscsi boot to netapp
After doing a packet capture I saw that iPXE was interpreting the lun ID (The 18 in as Hex 0x18. When I changed the value to a 12 (, I am now able to connect and boot in to the lun.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction of how to troubleshoot and resolve this issue. After discovering this I went to RFC 4173 and sure enough:

The "LUN" field is a hexadecimal representation of the LU number. If
the LUN field is blank, then LUN 0 is assumed. If the LUN field is
not blank, the representation MUST be divided into four groups of
four hexadecimal digits, separated by "-". Digits above 9 may be
either lower or upper case. An example of such a representation
would be 4752-3A4F-6b7e-2F99. For the sake of brevity, at most three
leading zero ("0") digits MAY be omitted in any group of hexadecimal
digits. Thus, the "LUN" representation 6734-9-156f-127 is equivalent
to 6734-0009-156f-0127. Furthermore, trailing groups containing only
the "0" digit MAY be omitted along with the preceding "-". So, the
"LUN" representation 4186-9 is equivalent to 4186-0009-0000-0000.
Other concise representations of the LUN field MUST NOT be used.

After reading this I was contemplating making the lun id the mac address, but unfortunately the netapp has a limitation of only being able to use 0-4095.

Thanks again for your assistance.

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