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iPXE hangs on boot from pxelinux at first Ctrl-B
2013-04-15, 12:23
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RE: iPXE hangs on boot from pxelinux at first Ctrl-B
(2013-04-14 22:59)ipxe Wrote:  The problem occurs only when I use Ctrl-B at the first appearance statement: Press Ctrl-B... and manually run the command autoboot.
iPXE boot normal without any problems from BIOS, other media or pressing Ctrl-B at second appearance statement.

This is expected behaviour. Pressing Ctrl-B at the first prompt ("Press Ctrl-B to configure iPXE") causes iPXE to run during POST. As the prompt suggests, this is intended for configuring iPXE: if you have a NIC which supports non-volatile options, then you can use the config command at this point. You may also be able to use iPXE for emergency system recovery by booting some kind of special recovery image, but you should not expect iPXE to work normally at this point, and you definitely should not expect it to be able to boot into a full OS.

On a separate note: I'm going to have to change your nickname; it's not really appropriate to have someone who isn't a developer on the project using the nickname "ipxe". Sorry about that.

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