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[Solved] Boot ISO images over menu.ipxe
2013-04-19, 08:56
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RE: Boot ISO images over menu.ipxe
You have some misunderstanding there.

menu.ipxe is a script that is run by ipxe, not pxelinux.0. default is a configuration file for pxelinux.0.

pxelinux.0 and ipxe are two different programs that behave totally different. It's like vi and emacs, they can both edit text files, but they go about it in totally different ways.

To load a menu.ipxe script, you normally use the chain command in iPXE. iPXE can't load a configuration file that is for pxelinux. To load that one, you first have to load pxelinux.0 from ipxe (which is again done with the chain command). pxelinux.0 then takes over control and will load the default configuration file as part of its start process.

Information on how to create ipxe scripts can be found here:

You might also find some help in looking over the various examples available:
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