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sanboot command with http server iso
2013-05-16, 13:35
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RE: sanboot command with http server iso
If you look at my menu example,, you can see how SystemRescueCD, Ubuntu LiveCD (casper from Debian) and a few other systems load external files by specifying it on the kernel command line. Most of the menu entries have additional links with more information.

In most cases I've had to hunt the wikis and forums of said projects to find out what options are available for use. I've tried TinyCoreLinux a few weeks ago, and their boot environment is not very streamlined for PXE, and the small amount of docs I found are about an old version. I've almost been able to figure it out, but it's still a work-in-progress item in my menu. Smile

Most of the systems do require functioning NFS, and if that is a no-no in your environment you're up for a harder challenge. I do know SystemRescueCD supports loading the squashfs via HTTP (though it is a bit slower than NFS). Porteus I haven't tried yet.

What I do in most cases is that I look at the ISO, find the syslinux or grub config files, look at what kernel options are available, together with the initrds and perform a decent amount of trial and error. I usually get on IRC and ask people in the channel of the project for pointers if I can't find any PXE or kernel cmdline docs on my own.

In terms of getting FreeRDP, I think maybe a Ubuntu Live environment with a custom preseed (if that works with casper) that installs freerdp during bootup is probably the easier option.
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