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DHCP message configuration
2013-05-16, 07:37 (This post was last modified: 2013-05-16 07:45 by Rickert.)
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RE: DHCP message configuration
(2013-05-15 23:47)mcb30 Wrote:  
(2013-05-15 03:48)Rickert Wrote:  Is there a way to configure the DHCP process? In particular, I want to configure the DHCP Discover message, so that it includes more options in Parameter Request List (Option 55) for the server to replied with. Currently, only a restricted subset of options are requested, but I want more.

There is no way (other than modifying the source code) to alter the parameter request list.

Fiddling with DHCP options is generally cumbersome; you are almost certainly better off using an iPXE script for fine-grained control of the boot process.

Thanks, Micheal.

I posted another question on SO (for richer representation): How iPXE sends DHCP message

The problem is, I want to modify iPXE so that it can request all options from DHCP server, because some options indicate which environment (we have multiple server environments) iPXE is in. I need to identify the environment because init scripts need such information. Currently, retrieving DHCP options is the only way to identify the environment used by the network init script.
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