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DHCP message configuration
2013-05-16, 13:30
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RE: DHCP message configuration
(2013-05-16 12:40)mcb30 Wrote:  Two things:

If you are still seeing the "DHCP (....) ...using cached" message then iPXE is not issuing its own DHCP request, and everything else is therefore irrelevant until you fix that problem.

There is no (sensible) way for a DHCP client to request "all" options. iPXE requests all options that it understands (i.e. all options corresponding to named settings), plus all options mandated by the PXE spec including the site-local options. Any other options would simply be ignored anyway, since no code ever accesses them.

Could you provide some more specific detail on which options you consider to be missing?

Sorry I was a bit unclear there. When I said "set use-cached 0", which means iPXE issue its own request and not display that message. Instead, it displayed "DHCP net0 ........ok". Only undionly.kkpxe can send the message and got replied back.

When I captured the packets, only basic options (i.e. 1 or 55... as I remember) and PXE options (130,131...) are included on DHCP discover message. By "all options mandated by the PXE spec including the site-local options", do you mean that the site-local options depends on PXE ROM?

I have global specific options like

option domain-name "";
option domain-name-servers,;

as defined in dhcpd.conf

I want such options to be carried in a reply from DCHP server. Such options can be retrieved with the kernel during booting. But the problem is that I want the options before kernel start booting.

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