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Invalid image file (Burning iPXE to Intel NIC)
2013-07-27, 02:37
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RE: Invalid image file (Burning iPXE to Intel NIC)
Tried padding the image to exactly 64KB (--blksize 65536), but got the same error.

A little unsure of how I should go about getting the size of the original ROM. The images that come with PREBOOT are all packed in a BootIMG.FLB file, which appears to house several images (PXE, iSCSI, AoE, etc). Just making a guess here, going by the BootUtil helpfile.

Did a few google searches, which pointed to some utilities aimed at modding images for LG TV's, but they didn't seem to be able to extract the individual images from the FLB file.

Should perhaps mention that the NICs are a part of an ASUS Z8PE-D18 motherboard, it seems like that might complicate the matter somewhat, compared to a retail card from Intel. Not sure though...
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