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Invalid image file (Burning iPXE to Intel NIC)
2013-07-30, 02:37
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RE: Invalid image file (Burning iPXE to Intel NIC)
(2013-07-28 03:36)Crusnik01 Wrote:  Ah, finally remembered how I did it the last time, after putting the right keywords into google, and coming across this page:

No wonder I couldn't flash the NIC ROM, as there is no dedicated flash for the NICs.

Oh well, I'm finally back on track.

Thanks for the help! =)
Ah, I missed this.
If you feel adventurous, it is possible to replace the stock PXE ROM in the BIOS with iPXE (As noted in the URL). I've done it to several boxes, and (so far) haven't had any issues myself. That said, I did have a friend who's board went belly up with just a plain, un-modified update. At least it was socketed, and he was able to get another one off ebay.
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