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booting ipxe from pxelinux
2013-09-04, 20:12
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RE: booting ipxe from pxelinux
Quote:MultimediaMan wrote: HPA changed quite bit in syslinux 6.01, and you should read all of the documentation. Not all of the old ways of doing things translate to this release.

I had red the documentation and used pxechn.c32 all the time. It works fine. But I have no idea how to pass parameters when I chain ipxe.pxe.
So I have to use embedding...

My standard configuration is to boot pxelinux.0 and chain ipxe.pxe. Although this is not the fastest solution it is reliable and does not require any ROM burning or other modification.
Embedding dhcp and chain chain-main.ipxe I can take the best of both worlds.

By the way I started testing syslinux 6.01 because I red that syslinux 6.01 supports FTP. Later I recognized that also IPXE supports FTP. (To recognize this I had to read some .h files, as the build options in the web-doc do not show this option.)

In general I perfer to use either pxelinux or ipxe whichever suits best for my tasks. My concern was to avoid embedding, because this adds to the administration efforts. That's why I posted here.

In the meantime I have decreased my efforts by just embedding two statements in one program (ipxe.pxe, see above) Everything else I can do via scripts. So my problem is solved.

I assume that in one of the next releases of syslinux ipxe.lkrn will be bootable again.
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