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booting ipxe from pxelinux
2013-09-04, 23:02
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RE: booting ipxe from pxelinux
I understand, and am totally in agreement that the documentation might need a little more polish.

Re: Passing arguments; I'm not sure what you want to do is possible, because in ipxe.pxe and ipxe.lkrn you still must hit "ctrl-b" to enter the CLI. So you might want to look up the ASCII command and read up on whether pxechn.c32 or ldlinux.c32 can pass ASCII character codes and try Appending that ASCII code to begin with.

As far as embedding, if you standardize your infrastructure, you will find yourself not touching the embedded scripts very often.

Functionally-Speaking, I have not substantially altered my embedded scripts. There were some major scripting changes done during mid-summer, and that caused me to re-write the embedded scripts to save space in the undionly.kpxe binary.

However, if you are a frequent compiler like me, you might want to think about scripting the build process itself. I created a short script which automated the make process. It creates a undionly.kpxe file, an ipxe.pxe file, and an ipxe.usb file (for Broken BIOS machines). When the make is complete it copies them to an archive folder and then copies the files to the TFTP and Web Servers. So the process from end-to-end, takes about 60 seconds.

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