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Flashing RTL8111B/RTL8111C
2013-12-09, 12:21 (This post was last modified: 2013-12-09 12:24 by sebastian.)
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RE: Flashing RTL8111B/RTL8111C
Same here:
It turned out that I was CTRL+Bing too early. The reason I didn't get the second prompt was something I noticed when carefully watching the boot process....

under 0,1 seconds, it flashed "NVRAM: Unable to copy PCI Boot Rom [Insufficent Space]"
or something similiar.

Turned out my ROM image was too large. Shaving off features by modifying general.h in config folder leaving only iSCSI, HTTP, script intepreter and menu function, so it come under 64kb solved all problems.

That also solved my SANBOOT problems in my other thread.
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