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iPXE PHP and MySQL user input data
2013-10-23, 12:58
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Photo RE: iPXE PHP and MySQL user input data
(2013-10-23 10:28)robinsmidsrod Wrote:  You need to do it in two parts. First you need to create an iPXE script (either static text or via PHP) that asks the questions (echo/read multiple times). Then you need to send that information to another PHP script that will take the information and insert it into the database.

Your initial script could be as simple as this:

echo -n Name:
read name
echo -n Email:
read email
chain http://myserver/store_information.php?name=${name:uristring}&email=${email:uristring}

The script store_information.php will have to fetch the value of the name and email CGI query string variables and then inject that into the database. Check the PHP documentation how you do that (I'm not a PHP programmer myself). Depending on what the result of the store script is, you can emit another dynamic ipxe script that does something else (up to you what).

hello robin,
thanks for the reply. I've tested this code but the system bypass the "read" command. I will send to you the screenshot because I cannot upload the image here...
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