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Serial console question
2013-10-29, 12:08
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RE: Serial console question
So as a follow up to my own question, now that I know that the command line is not being passed to the kernel, can anyone tell me how to do it?

Here is the script I used in my original attempt. I was under the (apparently wrong) impression that "imgargs" would be given to the kernel on load.


# 320 Pxe boot file for remote iPXE booting

echo Starting boot of Terascala's patched rts_188_3.0.24_12.iso
set def_boot iPXE/188
set tera_server
set tera_nfs ${tera_server}:/var/www/iPXE/image
set base-url http://${tera_server}
set boot-url ${base-url}/iPXE/image

kernel ${base-url}/${def_boot}/vmlinuz
initrd ${base-url}/${def_boot}/initrd
imgargs ${kernel} console=ttyS1,115200 ip=dhcp root=dev/nfs ro nfsroot=${tera_nfs} init=/usr/local/bin/ts_diskless_init
boot || echo Booting Failed
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