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Booting Norton Ghost floppy images
2013-10-27, 10:49
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RE: Booting Norton Ghost floppy images
Which version of iPXE are you using, and which binary are you using when doing these things. I need to see the actual commands you use to start the ghost floppy (sanboot/memdisk cmdlines) and whatever errors the DOS UNDI driver is giving you. Sharp photos and/or serial line debugging is the best way to get that.

Be aware that sanboot loads the floppy in read-only mode, while memdisk loads it read-write (although writes just go to memory, so they are lost). Not sure if this makes a difference for the way the floppy is architected.

Considering you're trying to run a somewhat big dos program, you might also be hitting some DOS base memory issues. Again, more details are needed to understand the issue.
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