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HP G8 - wimboot fails with amd64 winpe
2013-11-07, 17:37
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RE: HP G8 - wimboot fails with amd64 winpe

if all files download well and the boot process results in a blank screen the most likely cause is a fail of the PE boot.
You get a blank or blue screen (not BSOD) if the required fonts are missing.
The set of fonts depends on the PE version you use.
E.g. for a PE3.1 you need:
not sure if you need all of them, but this set works for me.

I think for PE4 it was this set:

segoen_slboot.ttf was missing in the docu.

You also might be interested in my experiences here
and here:
You could create a ISO using your PE x64 and check if i boots in a VM first. One of the links above also shows a way to boot that ISO using iPXE.
If that works and using wimboot results in a 0xc000000d or 0xc0000017 error we have the same problem
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