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HP Gen8 fail to boot winpe by ipxe
2013-11-21, 10:00
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RE: HP Gen8 fail to boot winpe by ipxe
I get a workaroud to resolve this problem, it seems stupid about could work.
Let ipxe chain pxelinux.0 and pxelinux cloud boot winpe.iso.
It may sound easy but really takes me much time, may it could help others.

ipxe scripts
dhcp net0
chain tftp://{tftp-server-ip}/pxelinux.0

In the tftp server, you need have memdisk, winpe.iso and pxelinux.cfg/default. These file would be sent to server after ipxe chain here.
pxelinux.cfg/default content could be like this simplely.
default winpe
noescape 1
lable winpe
kernel /memdisk
initrd winpe.iso
append iso raw

Finally, winpe boot successfully.
It's just a workaroud, I hope ipxe could solve this boot winpe issue directly, will keep an eye on this problem and try other better solutions.
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