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Live ISO over http
2013-12-02, 16:59
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RE: Live ISO over http
Not a "workstation" per se, but a station to work at. The machines come equipped with 2GB of RAM (some may have 1GB). My ISO is ~260MB, which should be more than small enough.

Data persistence is not required. The goal is to deploy these for call-centre personnel. All they need is access to a browser and a calculator. I also want to have a single image for all workstations that gets loaded at boot. Any updates would just require the station to be rebooted (I'll likely script them to reboot during off-hours anyways).

I'll check your examples and get back if I have more questions.


(2013-11-29 23:29)robinsmidsrod Wrote:  Most likely you don't have enough memory on the machines to run everything in memory, so iSCSI or NFS is usually the way to go. You'd also need that for any kind of data persistence. You say workstations, so I'm assuming you'd like to be able to store something on these machines that actually survive a reboot. If so, you'll need somewhere to store it.

But your core problem is that when the Linux kernel has started up the memdisk memory is no longer available (only the Debian initrd is at that point available to the kernel). You'll therefore need to provide a network location for the rest of the files the livecd needs. Debian (and Ubuntu) uses a live system called casper, and you can find an example of how to boot it in my extensive menu linked from You can also find some general information about network booting at which you might find useful.
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