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NIC not initialized properly(?)
2013-12-06, 17:59
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NIC not initialized properly(?)
Hi all,

I'm currently trying to PXE-boot an old P3-System which does not have PXE-enabled ethernet. I therefore try to boot from CD-ROM using the ipxe.iso. IPXE recognizes the added NIC, tries to get an address using DHCP but fails to so with "Connection timed out, 4c106035). As I suspected the card I added another NIC with a different chipset but results are the same. What I saw was that the NIC-LEDs are all off, so I guess that the NICs are not correctly initialized for whatever reasons. Additionally the DHCP server does not show any DHCPDISCOVER packets in its logfiles. I'm a bit at loss now how to proceed, any ideas?
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2013-12-13, 11:32
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RE: NIC not initialized properly(?)
Are you sure the NIC works in a normal operating system like Linux or Windows? Could you give us the PCI vendor/product ID of the NIC? You might need to test the driver more thoroughly by going through the tests located at and report your findings.
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