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iPXE framebuffer (pictures)...
2013-12-10, 11:21
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RE: iPXE framebuffer (pictures)...
(2013-12-10 10:22)Torgeir Wrote:  I have been following the commit changes for quite som time now, and the framebuffer part looks pretty cool Smile

Managed to get a better resolution, but I still think it "feels" better without FB for our Linux installmenu (which uses iPXE).

But I have a question regarding pictures. How to "get" pictures when "inside" iPXE? Use the kernel/initrd/module command to download from http server, or build iPXE image with a picture inside?

Use the --picture (or -p) option to the console command. For example:

console -p

If you don't specify a resolution, it will be chosen automatically based on the picture size. For now only PNM (.pbm/.pgm/.ppm) images are supported; PNG will be added soon. You need to enable IMAGE_PNM in config/general.h.


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