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Generate random numbers on ipxe shell??
2014-01-13, 18:58
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RE: Generate random numbers on ipxe shell??
Well, thanks for your advice. But, there is no need to fix the network. There are reasons why we have multiple DHCP servers running. Changing the entire network infrastructure for a service isnt a clever option. Adding the option of generating random numbers would solve the issue. I hope its added in the future. Problem solved.


(2014-01-13 16:52)mcb30 Wrote:  
(2014-01-11 05:03)oblivionv Wrote:  We have a situation where we have multiple DHCP's running at the same time every now and then. Hence, ipxe sometimes listens to the wrong DHCP server and hence fails to boot from the right source. Support of this in the future will be good.

In that case, your network is fundamentally broken. There is no such thing as the "wrong" DHCP server: if you have multiple DHCP servers on a network segment then they must all be offering the same configuration (unless they are constrained to respond only to specific known clients).

Fix your network, and the problem will go away.

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