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[MENU] Another action on Enter than timeout
2014-03-17, 20:00 (This post was last modified: 2014-03-17 20:26 by sebastian.)
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RE: [MENU] Another action on Enter than timeout
This also works perfectly with other types of things that use HID as interface (If you use my code - change the code to include the chars and digits your login system uses by adding/removing/editing menu items)
So anyone here can in fact use this to build a very secure iPXE login system.
(Combining this with for example Yubikey would make this extremely secure since you actually need a yubikey - you cant write down a YK OTP and then enter it later on keyboard)

Yubikey tokens (use following menu items: c b d e f g h i j k l n r t u v) (Replace "iseq ${scancount} 10" with "iseq ${scancount} 44").
Barcode readers (use chars and numbers that match your barcode "tickets" - note that the menu can only offer 19 different characters so create your barcodes with care).
(Another idea is to use such a menu Before and after a "login", making barcode "prepend" a static string to barcode, and "append" a static string to end of barcode and system will only accept a login if the prepend and append is correct ensuring no one enters a barcode manually - this makes so you can use any chars in a barcode)
Using RS232 to USB keyboard HID adapters (Example) to automatically login a computer from a door access Control system when a office front door is opened.
Control iPXE from external Equipment.
EM4100/EM4102/Mifare Readers.
Wiegand cardreaders or magnetic cardreaders with HID output.

and much more. The possibilites are endless, since the server that serves iPXE can react in many different ways too - for example the server can in turn remotely Control Equipment in reaction to iPXE events.
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