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[SOLVED] RE: iPXE & WDS [Prestaged: false]
2014-03-22, 16:49
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RE: iPXE & WDS [Prestaged: false]
(2014-03-22 13:49)KingBonecrusher Wrote:  Does it works normal only over PXE?

I haven't seen any negative side effects from that patch when not using iPXE, but then again, I'm not a production user of WDS, I only have a test environment.

My guess is that something in the WDS code that gets loaded and executed via PXE sets the TFTP packet size to a useful, high value, but only if it hasn't been set before, and iPXE sets that before transferring control (this is my theory; I haven't looked at the iPXE source to verify that that is what's actually happening).

(2014-03-22 13:49)KingBonecrusher Wrote:  We have an WDS with RPK running over here....

Not sure what RPK is, care to explain?

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