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A better Debian Gateway,DHCP,DNS,TFTP,IPXE, guide?
2014-03-22, 05:58
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A better Debian Gateway,DHCP,DNS,TFTP,IPXE, guide?
I'm so close to success with this but I have been fighting DNS issues for days now.

I recently tore down our aging WDS server with syslinux PXE booting to try this and go for WIM booting in an effort to get away from windows server finally.

My server is just a mediocre desktop tower connected to a 24 port managed switch. The desktop has 2 nics

eth0 = cable internet
eth1 = connected to 24port managed switch

Debian Wheezy x64 Stable

Eth0 is dhcp from the internet provider
Eth1 is a dhcp server

Now I have tried dnsmasq and isc-dhcp

I can get undi kpxe to work and I can get my cleints to boot into ipxe without an issue but I cannot get DNS working for the life of me.

I have tried I dunno 30 to 40 different pages trying to get DNS to work and I'm at my witts end. Various iptables setups that claim to glue things together and I can get everything working but DNS.

At one point with bind I had internet working on the clients if I supplied the dns server by hand to the client.

With dnsmasq when I ping it shows the right IP address for google but I get host unreachable.

Like something between my Lan and WAN just isn't working with DNS.

Does someone have a better guide for what I'm trying to do. My overall goal is just to have this box route for my managed switch to the internet, run my PXE images and run a perl script for a VNC repeater.

No complicated domains. Actually I have a question about domains on linux servers. If I don't have a domain for this box like a .com name registered I can just use whatever I want right? Like pxegateway.local or something like that? Ive always been curious about that as well.

I'm not interested in posting logs as I'm not at work right now. I'm going to blow the system away tomorrow and start again with... heck we'll try bind again tomorrow.. I had better success with isc-dhcp than dnsmasq anyway. Although with the way people talk about dnsmasq you'd think it was the second coming of jesus or something.

It's really not...

So a better guide is what I'm after. Something reflective of like one of falko's ispconfig guides from howtoforge would be ideal but somehow after googling for a few days I doubt I'm going to get something as nice as that.
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2014-04-09, 20:58
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RE: A better Debian Gateway,DHCP,DNS,TFTP,IPXE, guide?
I just wanted to say I solved all of my issues by talking to the folks on IRC.

I didn't need to host my own DNS for what I was doing. This web page really helped me break open the issues I was having.

I also have an example of my own bootable menu for ipxe up at github.
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